Action Potential

Name: Action Potential – Exploring the Neuron
Location: Swiss Cottage Library
Date(s): 18th January – 06th March 2016

Last week, I finally had the time to go into the Swiss Cottage Library and check out their in-house Gallery. Every couple of weeks or months (depends on the exhibition), Swiss Cottage Gallery houses different exhibitionists which range from historical to scientific, from theological to artistic. The exhibitions themselves are usually made up of a variety of layers, often ranging from videos to sculptures to auditory experiences. All of the media forms work together in these exhibitions to create the most amazingly informative sensory experience.

This particular exhibition that I visited, Action Potential – Exploring the Neuron, was truly amazing. Here’s how Camden Council summarise the exhibition:

Profiling the research work of Dr Arnaud Ruiz from the School of Pharmacy at University College London, the exhibition allows us to join him in his laboratory as he explains how neurons work and what they do. Utilising film, hologram and other displays to showcase neurons within a context of current scientific understanding, this exhibition lets the viewer explore the cells which allow us to think, see and feel.

On display, I got to see for the first time in my life, a 3D printed model of Dr Steve Hilton’s brain, as well as holograms of the same. Playing in the background was a video of Dr Arnaud Ruiz working in his laboratory and explaining the neuron and the ways in which it works. While learning about neurons was exciting, I was much more blown away by how seamlessly all of these media types were showcased to create a learning experience accessible by people of all ages.

Since the exhibition is literally a two-minute walk from Swiss Cottage Underground (it’s on the Jubilee line), I would definitely recommend everyone pay a visit. And since it’s located within such a beautiful library, I would suggest everyone have a look around at that too!


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