DIY Dreams


  • Blank canvas
  • Black paint
  • Silver Sharpie
  • Fairy lights
  • Sellotape

This is one of my most favourite DIY pieces because this was actually not what it was meant to look like. It was one of those things that happen by a miraculous accident and become this pretty and motivational thing that you just wanna look at forever – though that might be a little counter-productive, but I digress.

If memory serves me right, I was home sick with the Shingles, just after Christmas break, and I was bored senseless. When you have 24/7 access to movies and book, it all gets a bit boring and blurs into one. So, I remembered that I had one blank canvas left behind my bed from my days of Arabic Calligraphy, and voila, I decided to paint. It was initially supposed to be a black background with mandalas painted across it in a variety of colours, but something happened along the way and for some reason, I begun writing without thinking. Once the writing was done, I knew I’d need something to jazz it all up a little bit, so I dug out the fairy light bulbs I’d bought from Tiger a few weeks earlier and attached them to the canvas using sellotape.

And there it was, a completed canvas in a matter of 1 hour and 5 minutes. (no, it wasn’t fast-drying paint, I always use a hairdryer to speed up the process because if I have to wait, I lose interest – would definitely recommend it to you guys if you’re impatient like me)

Since putting up on the wall over my desk, I’ve had a lot of people ask of its importance and I guess I can give only one logical explanation:

I have spent too long waiting for God to bring me my dreams that I didn’t realise that He’s given me all the things I need to achieve them myself. It is naive to think that you will achieve everything in life through sheer luck and fate because it’s true, dreams really don’t work unless you do. In fact, nothing works unless you do.

I would definitely recommend visualising some of the most motivational things in your life, be they quotes, images, videos, or sound, because they really do remind you on a daily basis that only you can choose your destiny; God may have given you a predestined fate, but that’s not to say there is only one option, He will have written you many more, it is up to you.


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