Bridal Shopping

I did the most walking today than I’ve done all week (because half-term break obviously – perks of working in a school) and it’s all because my brother’s getting hitched in a couple of months! I’ve gotta admit, as much as I like to feign dislike of being amongst groups of people, I absolutely adore the concept of two souls joining with their two families and becoming this huge unit of people who genuinely care for each other. It’s amazing.

My obsessive family love aside, let’s tell you about today. We headed to Green Street because rumour had it, the new East Shopping Centre has some kickass bridal outfits, and I’m not gonna lie, the rumour was not wrong. I think I fell in love with everything my wallet could not ever handle – one day, one day, my dream shan’t die so soon. Anyway, we found HEAPS of things to look at, but the two stores that really stole my heart are Asian Bridal and Lals.

Though grossly overpriced for my humble earnings, the stores truly made a place in my heart with their friendly demeanour and beautifully bespoke bridal pieces. (I think my dad’s favourite was Lals though, he definitely had the heart-eyed emoji face on the entire time we were in the store) They were both welcoming and pleasant despite the number of visitors pouring through their doors and were more than willing to dispel any of our little/silly qualms in the calmest way I’ve ever heard a desi person speak when shopping. They were neither pushy nor adamant that they were the best around but gave you the space to approach them and honestly, that was so important. It made everyone in the customer/consumer situation a lot more comfortable and willing to browse. Honestly, if you’re looking to shop for desi bridal attire, I would most definitely recommend getting yourself down to these two stores. They will steal your heart as they have done mine (and my dad’s).

While we (the new sister-in-law) haven’t made a finalised choice on the outfit for the day, we’re more than excited to be returning again for a second look before making the purchase and ordering the big outfit for the big day.

If you guys know of any pretty desi bridal boutiques etc. let me know because we would love to visit as many as we can before making a final choice!


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