School Lunches

The first week at my new job has been very interesting. While it has a completely different dynamic to my last job, there is one thing that has stayed very much the same, I’m still the baby (haha).

While I am still working within the SEN sector, it’s very different to be doing so in a mainstream setting. There are a lot more social and academic restraints working 1:1 with learners while there are 29 other kids in the classroom doing very traditional learning. It really puts a dampener on just how much energy you can bring into it because first of all, classrooms are already cramped with the 30 kids, and second of all, the level of noise you make has to match that of the rest of the classroom, and that is very difficult to do (for me anyway). I’ll admit, it’s also really weird going from working with secondary kids to infants. I suddenly have to be wary of where I step because they’re all so little! (It really does make me feel like the BFG)

But, despite the small negatives, the school is a great place to work. It’s a much smaller community than my last school and word seems to get around quick (I’ve not decided yet if this is a good thing or bad), but it’s closer to home so I can walk there and back instead of sitting on the tube for 45 minutes every morning and evening – also meaning i save on travel costs quite significantly because I swear to God, London travel expenses are like half your paycheque. Another great perk is definitely the lunches. Primary school lunches are the greatest things I have ever ate and I swear, it’s amazing. Seriously, on Friday, I had fish, chips, meatballs and a whole load of veggies (and ice cream for dessert). That was an insane lunch and then I had to do a PE lesson straight after and thought I was going to die from how much food there was in me.

If I weigh the pros and cons of this place vs the last, the last would win based on technicalities and logistics, but this one would win on closeness to home. So I guess right now, neither is the better school. For the time being, I’m just going to enjoy the hot lunches and being babied by my dad’s best friend who happens to also work at the school (which I didn’t know until Friday, I just thought he was a really friendly gentleman who knew my history because of how small the school was).

Hope you have all had a great week, and if not, I hope you all have had a week that can be better at some stage or the other.


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