Summer 2015

Featured Image: St. Brelade’s Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.
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Last summer, my mother, father, brother, and I went on the road for 10 days. The only thing set in stone for this holiday was the return tickets from Jersey for the four of us, but otherwise, everything else ended up being rather spontaneously wonderful. While I was away, I tried to remember to keep a daily journal. Upon my return, I used this journal to create an open letter for anyone willing to read it, so I have it here for you all today:

This is my tenth day on the road, and now that I’m finally heading home, I feel like my heart and mind have begun to acknowledge the fact that home is no longer a place for me, nor can it be reduced to a feeling. Home is evolving, growing, and loving; home is a resting place for the soul. This concept of home was a big eye-opener for me, but this was only one of many things I have learnt on my journey.

On my ninth and eight day away, I learnt that in order to accommodate the newer and better version of yourself, you must give thanks, say a little prayer, and leave behind remnants of your old self with the utmost grace and dignity. You will always be who you are because of things and people you have come across on your journey of life, but you are under no obligation to maintain an allegiance wherein your body, mind, and soul, do not flourish.

Days seven and six taught me that soul mates are not necessarily of a romantic nature. The soul that can speak volumes without force is one that is meant to stay with your soul for as long as the heavens and the earth will allow; maybe the pairs God created aren’t just for the child-bearing wombs to spread His message, but for humankind to see the truth of His goodness and love through the being He swears by the fig, the olive, Mount Sinai, and by the city of security (Makkah), to be of the best stature. These souls will be the warm, yellow light that you seek comfort from on days when exhaustion isn’t just a description of your physical tiredness.

The fifth, fourth, and third days were of a special kind. On these days I battled many fears and in the process, found that a learnt psychological fear has a far greater physiological effect than fears that have come from physical experience. As a result, I resolved to eradicate the fear of mind, for it is crippling and unnecessary for growth, be it emotional or physical.

Though slow in pace, the second and first days taught me one of life’s biggest lessons: no matter how many changes you make to your outward self, the predisposed direction of your soul is to do and accept good, be it at any expense. This is not to say that souls in ruins will not try and slow you down by casting darkness over you, but it is up to you to consult your heart and take from its purified state, an answer, chaste in its nature, that will allow you to move forward.

This has been a letter to all those nomads wandering and wondering when they will come home, and whether it will be two arms and a heartbeat to welcome them, or four walls and an open door. You make of your life what you may, for giving it a definitive purpose and origin restricts its ability to shift, change, and/or evolve. Your world is constantly changing, be you a resident of these heavens and earth, or a nomad, roaming and travelling the realms of the universe in search of the song that settles your soul. Live, love, and grow, for as long as it has been written.


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