Tiffany & Co.

Featured Image: Tiffany & Co. at The Royal Exchange
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Today, I have been shopping.

Haha, no, I wish. Mum’s birthday is coming up in exactly five days and for the past month, I’ve been stuck trying to decide what to get her for her 46th. It’s one of those things with mums, isn’t it? They literally like everything but it’s so hard to tell what they absolutely love out of all those things. The thing with my mum though, while she likes the finer things in life, she also loves the simple, so I was most definitely stuck.

But I remembered one thing. A few years back we were scrolling through the Tiffany’s website (my 18th birthday actually) and I remembered her saying that one day she would treat herself to something from Tiffany’s and HUZZAH, I had my gift idea! And then of course I had to go through the entire site to find something understated but elegant enough to scream beautiful mama, and after hours of whittling down my choices, I decided on an adorable signature bracelet and placed my order!

Now today, the best friend and I headed towards The Royal Exchange to pick up the order from the small Tiffany & Co. boutique. It was honestly the most adorable experience. Though we both felt grossly underdressed in our casual attires in comparison to the hot stuffs suited and booted sitting in the Grand Cafe, it was such a welcoming and warm atmosphere. We walked through the pictured entryway and were greeted by several sales assistants who were so friendly that we felt at ease almost immediately. Obviously we had a quick browse over the rings and necklaces in the counter and died inside and gave each other the heart eyes look, and once we saw and picked up the bracelet, we squealed a little in excitement and were on our way.

In brief, the rest of the day went in the following order: a quick browse around Laduree, window shopping at Louis Vuitton and Hermes, a makeover at the Estee Lauder aisle at Boots (super cute sales assistants who contoured my face perfectly and I was in awe) and some new daily lipsticks, brunch and drinks at The Breakfast Club, and then a gentle stroll home.

It has been wonderful. I feel wonderful. Everything has just been wonderful.


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