April 2016

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Well into the second day of May, I have only just realised that I never got around to doing an April roundup. If I’m honest, it’s partly due to the fact that April was seemingly insignificant in what has been the monumental 2016 – the other reason being that I’ve becoming increasingly lazy since getting into routine with this new (old now) job.

Alright, I’ll admit, April hasn’t been insignificant. A lot of things have happened and a lot of things have been achieved, but nothing has stirred my soul and awoken me from this stagnant state. This past month has been more a case of life passing me by without really touching me deeply enough to throw me into action, you know?

Maybe I’m blame-gaming, but a lot of it, I personally feel, is because of this new job. In comparison to the last one, I feel like I’m dead inside here. Like I’m just going in every morning, following the routine, and coming home again. There’s never any real requirement for me to use my brain, and that’s one of the things that feels really quite suffocating. I mean, it’s a very convenient location and very easy to do job, but it’s made me realise that that’s not what I want to make a career out of. I want – no, need to be thrown into the deep end so that I can force myself to swim out and learn new things about myself along the way. I’ve become one of those people who seek out the hard things so I can really test myself and feel like I’m actually making a difference as opposed to being a zombie through it all. But, my woes aside, I think for the time being, I’ll just be thankful for the fact that I have a job and in return, the money I need to be able to help my family financially.

I have done an awful lot of complaining in this post which is a gross thing to do, so I shall try and add some warmth here with some of April’s highlights:

  • Birth of a new nephew (he’s like a mini version of my brother)
  • First real makeup shopping trip
  • Mum’s face when she saw the Tiffany’s bracelet
  • Passing the apprenticeship I was on
  • Brother’s wedding details being finalised
  • The uni short course finishing
  • Birth of a new cousin (she’s so beautiful)
  • Treating myself and the mother to Valentino bags each

So I know I’ve been feeling pretty insignificant this past month, but God has really been treating me good and I need to get over myself and give thanks for all these things and people that my life has been blessed with. To wrap this up today, I’m going to share with you all a thing I said to a friend (??) recently that I should really listen to myself too:

My friend, even if you were a speck of dust, the light of the universe would still notice your presence. We may feel unimportant but we all have our place and we all play our part, however small it may be.


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