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the state or quality of being productive.

the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.

Productivity. The concept I am trying to get my heart, mind, and body at peace with considering the upcoming months and the challenges they bring with their round the clock demands. After all, we have only been given 24 hours in a day.

As you all know (well, you would know if you’re an old reader or know me from my old blog, if not, hey), I am currently working as a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Teaching Assistant (SEND TA) at a mainstream primary school (v different to working at my old school, trust me). While it was never in my long term life plans to be working over 40 hours a week so early on in my life, it happened. And now, just when I’ve come to let myself be okay with wearing myself out with this lifestyle, I’ve added something else into the mix.

Come September, I’ll be moving from my current workplace into a new one with a double contract, longer hours, and a greater physical demand. This however, is not yet the twist. I will also be starting my undergraduate degree (wuhoo!) in Early Childhood and Special Education. What this basically means for me is that I will be waving goodbye to any kind of social life I had and saying hello to my pen, paper, and desk (yay). And that’s not all. Another smaller twist in this story is that I won’t be taking on the tuition fee loan (because the concept of owing anyone anything in life makes me feel very very very uncomfortable), so I will be paying it out of my wages, meaning that not only will I have zero social life, but I will also have zero £££££s (though, in the current climate, it seems having nothing is worth more than having even a pound is, haha) – FUN.

No but in all seriousness, I’m not complaining. I am honestly psyched about this new job and finally starting at university (despite being a college dropout) and just in general, progressing from the standstill I had bought my life to not so long ago. But all of this does mean that I need to put in an insane amount of effort and not let myself slow down even on bad days. And this is where you guys come in.

While I have a working style, I need tips and tricks from people who have experienced this before and know how to stay on top of their game. So, if you guys have any kind of advice for me in terms of maintaining momentum, being more productive, taking better care of myself etc. etc., drop me a comment so I can jot it all down in my list of advices for the new academic year!


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