Chicken Dippers

Okay so as you might have noticed, the past three images have been of the same plate but at different angles. There is of course a reason for that, I’m not just barmy. It was actually a part of a challenge I set myself. I had to make a meal for four in under 30 minutes, but it had to still be packed full of flavour and be filling, wholesome food. Of course, for this I had to bring out my pre-frozen chicken dippers because hello, fried chicken.


  • Chicken fillets, cut into strips
  • Flour
  • Egg, whisked
  • Golden breadcrumbs


  1. Coat the chicken strips in flour.
  2. Then again in egg.
  3. And then cover fully with golden breadcrumbs. (to make mine last longer, I popped mine in the freezer but they can be fried directly until golden brown)

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