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Breakfast has grown to become my most favourite meal of the day. I used to hate sitting down in the mornings to eat. I used to be someone who would just wake up and get on with the day without the need to eat first. But this summer break has really taught me both the importance and the enjoyment of breaking the whole night’s fast with some good food.

My most favourite breakfast is the simple spread of some fruits, a slice of toast with jam, a cup of tea, and some orange juice. But, there are days when I take some time out (and if everyone is off work!) to be a little more elaborate with my breakfast plans.

Fancified Scrambled Eggs

This is basically a classic scrambled eggs recipe with some slices of fresh tomato, some mint sauce, and a pinch of salt and pepper to season. I served it on a slice of buttered 50/50 toast with a cup of tea.

The Full English

Obviously, this is a halal version of the classic Full English and it consists of: a slice of toast, buttered and cut in half diagonally; baked beans; straight cut chips; grilled turkey rashers, mushroom slices, and tomato half; a fried egg; and two sausages dressed in fried onions.

Monsters’ Day Off

This breakfast spread was an impromptu one mainly because everyone was suddenly off work on the same day that dad bought an insane amount of baguettes, the brother bought insanely tiny cocktail sausages, and two packets of crumpets were going out of date. There were three types of crumpets: dipped in egg and sugar and fried; toasted with honey; and toasted with strawberry jam. And with the baguettes, they were cut into 2 inch rings and the bready filling taken out to be filled and fried with the mini cocktail sausages and egg – imagine pigs in a blanket except it’s halal and a baguette.

There is SO MUCH you can do with breakfast and daily cupboard items and I would really recommend going out of your way in the mornings to make something wholesome and good to eat because it really does set you up for the rest of the day.


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