Food Art

Okay so I know I’ve been gone for like over a month, but I promise, I have a (sorta) justified reasoning. My brother recently got married and the month has flown by amidst all the prep and afterparties that go along with desi weddings (more specifically, Bengali weddings, because that’s me if you guys didn’t figure that out already), and honestly, I have been neglecting not just this blog, but also my journals. But, I am back now (hopefully) and I have lots and lots of things to update you guys on!

Today, is about the art of food. A lot of the time people forget that while food may taste great, it’s equally important that it looks good too – especially for people like me who get incessantly crabby when food looks like American school dinners (no offence guys) slapped onto a plate. So, I’ve been trying to make it a habit to make daily mundane meals look good for both myself and my family. That way, we’re eating more wholesome (and prettier) foods on a daily basis without compensating on flavour or looks.

The meal pictured in today’s post is actually a pretty simple and staple meal in our family diet, but what used to be a boring plate of curry and rice has now become a pretty work of art. Normally, we have a classic salad but on a day where there was just cucumber and tomatoes, I had to improvise with slices and a dash of mint sauce to give it some flavour. To then give the rice some shape/structure, I pressed it into a cup and flipped it onto the plate – but it looked a bit boring and like a tower, so a little push along one side of the rice made it topple over. In this, I placed a wedge of Bangladeshi lemon (fresh from Bangladesh actually!) and a homegrown (by my brother in his little garden) red chilli. And then for the final part, I layered the lamb curry and sprinkled some fresh coriander over the plate.

So, yeah. It is literally just a case of the simplest foods arranged in a way that appeals to your eyes as opposed to just your stomach, and you’re in for a treat! Trust me, I know that it takes an unnecessarily long time, but it definitely allows you to eat the correct portion of foods as well as take cute pictures of your food and enjoy it a whole lot more. Make every meal an event!


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