BOB Brick Lane

So, today ended up being eventful. What was supposed to be a day of focusing on university and starting the second semester’s assignments ended up being a day of soul searching and to some extent, spiritual exploration. One of the places I visited today with my mum and her best friend for lunch was the Band of Burgers (BOB).

Having opened about two months ago (November 2016), this place has most definitely reached similar popularity levels of its sister restaurant in cute and quirky Camden. While I’d previously heard raving reviews of Camden’s BOB, I’d never personally been, so this was a new experience for me. Upon walking in, I was immediately taken by the decor (as pictured above). I know it’s very typically ‘burger placey’ in terms of the recent rise in rustic decor, but there was something very homely about this place. From the revamped desk chairs to the faux wood tables and the swinging hammock to the upcycled denim stools, the sheer eccentricity of the place was precisely what married all the elements together into this cosy, homely burger joint.

Obviously decor is all well and good, but sometimes what lets a place down is its seating or more so, its capacity to seat more than 5 people at any one time. BOB however, did not have this problem at all. From single bar style stool seating to large tabled seating for approximately 15-16 people, the varied table sizes make it a place that can accommodate parties, family nights out, and even just a cute date for one.

Of course, I’ve bragged about the decor enough, now it’s probably time to talk about the most important bit, the food. Since I wasn’t really feeling anything heavy, we ordered a mix of sides (which I forgot to take pictures of like an idiot): peri peri wings of love, sweet potato fry o’mine (sweet potato fries), goldfingers with melted cheese (cheesy chips basically), and two cokes. With a total bill of £17.20, 3 of us were absolutely stuffed to the brim. Although we’d ordered only sides expecting to have a light snack as opposed to a whole meal, the portion sizes were so generous that there was even food left over!

The sweet potato fries were most definitely my favourite side of the day with its crispy outer shell and soft centre. The cheesy chips came a close second, but having tried Shake Shack’s cheesy chips beforehand, I couldn’t in all honesty say that they were my favourite thing. The peri peri wings however, I’m still a little torn over. While they were a real hit with my mum and her best friend, I found them a little too strong in flavour with a strong taste of tamarind – or maybe I was just sour that they didn’t order me the BBQ version, haha. Considering the price, the portion sizes were fab and if you want the best bang for your buck, I would most definitely recommend eating here.

On a final note, I would just like to say that the customer service provided during this visit was impeccable. The food was prompt and every single member of staff seemed friendly and approachable – as someone who gets a little awkward around strangers, I felt very oddly at ease here. I’m definitely hoping to go back soon with some friends so I can introduce them to this cute dining experience too! Here is the location of it on the map, let me know what you think of it if you pop by!


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