Grounded Coffee Company

Okay, so I have to tell you a thing. This place is one of my favourite places to go to whether it’s just for a quick coffee to go, to study, or even a spot of socialisation. Upon walking in, you’ll almost always be greeted by an arsenal of students tapping away at their MacBooks furiously, small business meetings taking place, or even families enjoying a cute snack/meal with the kids. With seating ranging from booth seating to twin tables to shared bar style seating, there is most definitely space to eat in.

Cute and eccentric decor with a wall of glass on the right-hand side

For my coffee buffs: Grounded uses the Exmouth Blend from local roasters, Exmouth Coffee Roasters. This expertly ground coffee ranges from being sourced from either Brazil, El Salvador, or Niagara depending on the season. With nutty chocolate undertones, this blend is definitely very naturally sweet and means that you don’t have to stick a million sugar cubes in it to balance the tastes out. There are also a variety of milks available at Grounded so upon request, the milk-based coffees can be adapted for those with specific dietary requirements.

A soya latte which definitely did not feel like an afterthought to the regular latte

For my breakfast|brunch lovers: THIS IS A HALAL CAFE. LET ME REPEAT THAT. H-A-L-A-L. You can get your classic English breakfast (or the veggie version), huge buttermilk pancakes, omelettes, or be unnecessarily pretentious like me and order eggs royale because salmon, poached eggs, chives and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, like seriously, it couldn’t be more perfect. (okay those are totally not the only things on the menu, just some of my favourites that I think you guys would like too)

Eggs Royale with freshly squeezed orange juice and a complementary jug of water

For my dessert|pastry lovers: YOU MUST TRY THE HAZELNUT BANANA BREAD. IT IS THE BEST BANANA BREAD I HAVE EVER HAD. I’m serious. It was just the right level of moist and fluffy with the bite from the hazelnut and the smoothness from the banana. Honestly guys, I would LOVE a slice right now. Oh, and don’t worry. The portions are not small. In fact, they’re the furthest thing from small I have ever seen. Like seriously, when the guy brought it over, my eyes  definitely widened in delight. My love for this one dessert aside, there are a whole load of things to choose from and best thing, you don’t have to worry that it’s all been bulk-bought from Costco or something because Grounded pride themselves on their in-house cooking and baking.

I mean, the Berry Crumble (right) was good too but the Hazelnut Banana Bread (left) won my heart

Though Grounded is relatively new in comparison to some of their counterparts on the same street, they have become a very well established brand name of sorts popular with a whole array of crowds. From families to students, everybody loves chilling here at Grounded with the cute and friendly staff who always make you feel at home. To visit a home away from home and eat good, wholesome foods, pop by! Let me know what you think of it when you do.

Here’s where you can find them:


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