The King of Falafel

Today in rainy London you will find many things, these will range from miserable commuters to amazed tourists and umbrella wars to the 107 different ways Londoners have of saying it’s raining. We’re a lovely bunch really, the rain just has us buggered a bit sometimes all the time. More importantly though, I hope you find the one thing me and my best friend just did, The King of Falafel standing in pride of place in the midst of all the hustle and bustle in central London.

We were originally looking to grab a coffee and a light bite to eat before heading to a lecture, so after a saunter around the Brunswick and a failed attempt to get a table at both the Bloomsbury Coffee House and Moreish Cafe Deli (okay we sabotaged ourselves here), we spotted The King of Falafel. This sister store of the 1920s Leather Lane branch opened in the heart of Bloomsbury in 2010 and has been a booming business since. With a menu ranging from the classic falafel to chicken and lamb kebabs, lamb kofta, halloumi, hummous, tabouleh, salads, fresh juices, and obviously a great coffee menu, The King of Falafel really does capture the essence of Middle Eastern food and all the flavours there are to boast. Keeping their customers at the very heart of their business, The King of Falafel is able to cater for a variety of diets, including a halal one, and veganism.

Predominantly built to be a takeaway, there are very few seats inside (exactly 14 to be precise), but as always, if the food and service is good, it is very easy to forget the spacing. Since there was just the two of us, we were able to slide into a small table and eat in – I truly do believe that flavours change dramatically once food leaves a restaurant – and experience the adorableness of the two guys behind the counter. They were both so friendly, warm, and welcoming. It didn’t feel like we were eating out somewhere, it had that kind of ‘cool cousin we love visiting’ vibe.

After much deliberation (more like staring at the menu), we both decided to order from the ‘House Specials’ menu. I went for the Mixed Kebab with rice and salad while she went for the Lamb Kofta with pasta and salad. Honestly, we were expecting very normal sized portions for the small prices we were paying (also from our previous experiences at other places), but what came out was HUGE. Not only were the portions big, but the food also came out super fast and piping hot – not the kind of buzzed in the microwave type of hot, but the freshly cooked type of piping – it was great.

It not only took us forever to eat, but by the end, we were positively stuffed. I was slightly worried that because the portions were so big, the flavours might have been skipped somewhere, but I was very wrong. Both platters of food were bursting with flavour and we couldn’t fault it at all. The guys (I wish I’d asked their names now) were great in checking every few minutes if everything was okay and if we’d enjoyed the food or if we’d needed anything else and it was all just a lovely experience.

I feel like a bit of an idiot for going to a falafel place and not eating any falafel – or any halloumi or hummus since I’ve been having cravings lately – but this means I definitely have to come back for more. Also to demolish this salad bar because LOOK AT IT.

Entrance salad bar where you can pick your own fillings!

All in all folks, I bloody adored The King of Falafel and will be returning every time I’m in the Bloomsbury whether it’s to sit in and grab a bite or if it’s to grab takeaway and make the rest of the family enjoy this experience with me.

So, if you’re going to visit, let me know what you eat and if I should try it too. Here it is on a map so you can avoid getting lost like I do no matter where I go. Enjoy!


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