Grindhouse Cafe

What used to be a rundown little cinema on Mile End Road has grown to become one of the local community’s largest (and coolest!) hotspots. Having grown up in the East End of London, I have had the honour of watching the transformation of this place take place over the last 21 years.

From a tattered building to a slick matte black backdrop with neon lighting

Upon entering through the double doors into the foyer, you are greeted by the warm barista and cute box office staff to the right and the cool vintage movie posters on an exposed brick wall to your left (as pictured above). This very nifty looking foyer houses the cafe I’m here to talk to you about today: the Grindhouse Cafe.

The neon signs on exposed brick is a lot cuter than you’d expect

Using beans roasted at local roastery, Nude Espresso, the coffee offered at Grindhouse is strong in flavour with (very) slight undertones of hazelnut and milk chocolate. With prices ranging from £1.50 to £2.80, the beverages are extremely reasonably priced – especially when compared to some of the other independent coffee spaces on the same stretch of land. Not only do they offer hot and cold drinks, but also pastries, crodoughs, and paninis with prices not stretching over the £4 mark, making it an extremely affordable and student-friendly place.

Super cute barista whose name I do not know, if you’re reading this, please start blogging again!
The pop of red on what looks like a basic glass makes all the difference in the world to this latte

With free WiFi offered to all guests and the large seating area including tables and chairs and sofas, the Grindhouse is the perfect space to study, chill before/after a movie, or just spend some time with your friends.

Though not necessarily a part of the Grindhouse Cafe itself, the walkway leading into the viewing screens from the foyer is definitely noteworthy. It is cute, quirky, and boasts nothing but the artistic pride of the East End of London.

This drop chandelier with its multi-coloured lights make me crave a heightened ceiling in my own home!
The neon theme continues through the cinema with cute and quaint messages

The Genesis Cinema is an absolutely adorable place and an experience in itself. I hope you all get a chance to visit it – especially Studio 5, it is a movie watching experience that you will never forget.

Here it is on the map for you to visit:


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