The Basement Coffee Lounge

I can’t even sugarcoat how I discovered this space because the story in itself will make boy you and I wonder why I am like this. So the best friend and I just left the cinema having finished watching Star Wars: Rogue One (if you haven’t I suggest you do because hello, Riz and Diego!!!) and while we convinced each other that neither of us were desperate to use the loo, we got to the bus stop and I was just like “ok, dude, no, I really gotta go” and the first spot we spotted was just this single glass door that said ‘coffee’ on it in bold letters. That was it. One door and the word coffee. (there are no pictures because my bladder was too full to be lollygagging and taking pictures)

So we walk in and down the set of stairs we’re faced with and the entire time I’m praying that a) there is a toilet and b) they actually let me use it. Once at the bottom of the stairs, I have a super awkward conversation with the barista and he’s like “yeah, yeah, sure you can use the loo, it’s the door on the right at the end of the room” and after emptying my system return so the best friend can use it too.

As usual, I start snapping away at this basement because it is absolutely ADORABLE, and I cannot get enough of this place. Once the best friend was also done, we had a casual walk around each corner of the room and really got a feel for the place (there was a piano at the back too!!!). I would just like to point out that not once the entire time we were there did the guy behind the counter ask us to purchase anything – so nice, right?! But, I felt so bad that I’d used the loo and taken a million cute pictures I convinced myself to buy something – so glad I did! Since I was already very well caffeinated for the day, I opted for the hot chocolate to take away (hence the lack of cute pictures of its making). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actual melted chocolate hot chocolate but more the mix, either way, for £2 it tasted really good and was the size of the medium Costa cup that would have cost me near £3 (I love you Costa but you make me poor so I must end this passionate love affair).

Honestly, the entire concept of having a coffee lounge in a basement is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard of and I can’t wait to hole up in here with my books and while my time away with the gentle music playing in the background.

Check it out and pick up a loyalty card while you’re at it because free food:


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