Nabrasa Express

For anyone who has seen the new Nabrasa sign postings go up in Brick Lane and got excited just like myself, I apologise in advance. If you’d really like to go and visit because the concept of a meat buffet enthrals you, I would highly suggest you stop reading now because I have a pretty biased opinion and I want you to be able to form your own.

So, for dinner last night, the four of us siblings decided to visit this new meat buffet place that has popped up on Brick Lane in the last month or so. We were all honestly so excited because a) we all love meat and b) it was a halal place! With high expectations, we all headed in for our 9pm reservation. Once seated, we were introduced to the ‘Nabrasa experience’ which is basically an unlimited bar of assorted hot and cold sides that you help yourself to, order drinks, and then are given a card which is green on one side and red on the other. When you’re ready to be served meat, you flip your card over from red to green and the servers come over to offer you meat – it’s literally a guy carrying a stick of meat and then carving it at your table.

There was supposed to be about 20 varieties that go round in rotation and you just take your pick of the lot but honestly, I lost track after I saw the cinnamon pineapple for the third time. I’ll give it to the staff, the customer service was very good. They took into account the fact that we had certain requirements in terms of cooking style etc. but I wish it was good enough for me to sideline how uncomfortable the whole rare/medium rare cooking style was. If the first meat serving I received wasn’t one that had blood dripping (or like the floor manager liked to call it, meat juice) down it, I probably wouldn’t have felt so queasy the entire time. Obviously, I didn’t want to be rude (which is so silly considering the food was actually being paid for with real money), I tried a few of the more ‘well-cooked’ meats. Personally, they all tasted the same. I feel like there was a lot of meats to choose from, but not a lot of flavours. It was either cooked so well done that it was chewy, or so rare that it was pink inside and honestly, the meat was practically begging for an in-between.

Having paid near ยฃ120 between the four of us, I am still so annoyed that our experience was as boring as the decor and the food was as uniform in flavour as the seating and that our poor stomachs had to endure this atrocity. I’m not going to bother telling you any more about this place and just stick in some pictures because I think this review might border on slander if I continue any more.

Unlimited buffet bar of sides.
Seriously, it looks like an aortic valve has just been punctured.
Garlic bread saved the day as usual.
Whatever this was, the ‘juice’ put us all off.
Very well done something because I have no idea what it was.
Chicken sausages that looked fab on the outside but was uncooked on the inside.

So, yeah. Overall, it’s a no from me but if you want to visit and make a judgement call for yourself, here’s the address:


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