Masala Chai Nashta

Okay so I need you all to know that this post has been in my drafts since the 31st January 2017. I started writing it and then got so distracted so much by who even knows what that I completely disregarded it and left it for what is now its third month. But, I am here now. And that is all that matters.

Chai Nashta is an absolutely ADORABLE place. Well, when I say adorable, I don’t mean by interior standards of other places I usually call adorable. I mean more in the sense that it’s a family-run business and the women kick ass in the kitchen and dish up all the good food in their super cute ‘Chai Nashta’ t-shirts while the men just wait on us – amazing, I know, this is my true aesthetic. In terms of the decor, it’s pretty simple and straightforward with nothing terribly fancy or gaudy to go with the cultural theme they promote – it’s simple and effective, but could definitely look cuter.

In terms of the food. Guys. I just, words fall short. The food was SO GOOD. Though the menu boasts a wide range of all-day breakfast options (all of which are halal!), the best friend and I opted for the classic ‘Desi Nashta’ priced at a humble Β£7.95. For this price, these are the things you get:

  • Masala egg – scrambled or an omelette
  • Side 1 – masala beans or fried masala potatoes
  • Side 2 – lamb or chicken keema
  • Bread – 2 rotis or 1 paratha or 5 puris
  • Drink – masala tea or masala coffee

Served on a thali (a metal platter), everything just looks so cute and handmade – which it is, obviously. Though the portion size looks colossal at first, it is actually a very doable amount of food to eat. The both of us chose to try the masala omelette, masala beans, lamb keema, 5 puris, and a masala tea. Sans the drink, I absolutely loved everything. Though I had to pace myself, I definitely went out of my way to eat everything. Coming back to the masala tea, I’m honestly not a big fan of masala tea so for me, it was just okay, but the best friend loved it. Apparently the flavours were well infused and had the right balance of tea and masala.

The service was extremely friendly and not at all in your faces like other places I may have spoken about before. It’s all a case of maintaining a physical distance enough to just give a quick thumbs up or a head nod to indicate all is well. The food also comes out piping hot. There’s a short wait of about 15 minutes between the time you order and the time you receive your food, but that was nothing considering how fresh everything tasted and looked.

This is definitely a place I intend to be visiting again, especially with the rest of the family. This is right up their street. I’ll put the map thingymajig down below so you can all check it out too. Let me know what you think – especially if you try something different on the menu from myself!


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