Meet the Blogger

Hello! This page has honestly been a long time coming, but what with the whole ‘new year, new me’ trope, I thought it only fitting I finally introduce myself.

I am Ayesha, a twenty-something year old who uses cooking as a form of my very own cheap therapy. Having struggled for many years with issues that have been swept very much under the carpet, it has been extremely difficult to find pastimes that are both therapeutic and healthy for my body, mind, and soul. That is of course until I baked my first batch of cupcakes. Those cupcakes sold me. There was something humming in my bones as I went through the vices of creating these cupcakes and I fell in love. From this small affair has grown this passionate lover who takes pride in the art of simple foods.

With roots ground deep in both London, England and Sylhet, Bangladesh, I strive to marry both cultures of flavour and food into this ‘new age’ version of fast and easy cooking for the everyday lazy chef (like myself).

While this was no fantastically detailed introduction, it’s definitely better than nothing and I hope that as a result of it you know me a little better now. Get in touch if you want to talk some more!